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Karate Suits 


You can purchase a standard adults or junior karate suit with the Association embroidered badge already on the suit.

The suits are standard polycotton in white manufactured by Blitz Sports and come in a range of sizes.

To order your suit you will need a PAYPAL account or know someone who has one, once ordered and paid for it will be despatched direct to you by us through standard carrier. It is very important that you measure the recipient very carefully as follows.

They should be stood in bare feet and measured in cm to the top of their head, if for example they are exactly 150cm then a 150cm suit needs to be ordered, however if they are say 156cm, a 160cm suit should be ordered, suits are available 120, 130,140,150,160,170,180,190 and 200cm. It is always best to go a slight size above sometimes to allow for younger people to grow into and minimal possible shrinkage although generally the suits should not shrink if washed correctly.

For people with a wider girth, perhaps one size above their height measurement should be ordered, in cases where a slightly longer suit is ordered they may need to be taken up, legs or sleeves as and if necessary. If you have any doubts about size, check with your instructor.

Suits will not be returnable if you have ordered the wrong size!


Sparring Mits/Gloves 


You can see by the pictures there are two types of karate mits, one white padded fingerless and the enclosed foam dipped style

These gloves all tend to be junior or adult size, please order as necessary.




Gumshields are necessary for sparring or competition fighting and again are available in junior or adult sizes.


Shin Guards 



These are very useful when either sparring or competition fighting, they can protect against shin and upper foot clashes. They are available in medium and large, medium for children and large for adults.
Shinguards supplied may vary from the ones pictured.  


Groin guards


These guards are very advisable for general fighting to protect against accidental kicks to the groin Available in junior and adult sizes.




Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to refund any paid amounts in the event we are out of stock and unable to supply and order, your statutory rights are not affected.