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Takeshi Karate Association (TKA)


All pupils parents and carers accept the terms and conditions detailed below and as amended from time to time in our literature or on this web site, furthermore pupils, parents and carers must ensure they make themselves familiar regularly with any such changes as and when they are made. If you have any questions or require further information about any changes or indeed any of the content of our terms and conditions and how it may affect you or your children, you should ask an instructor or any committee member at any time.

The TKA reserves the right to decline applications or renewals for membership in the event that the committee vote in favour of any such decline or refusal, including suspension of a current licence, regardless of cause or reason.

Authorised club instructors or event coaches can act in 'Loco Parentis' in the best interest of a child. (This means having parental authority over the child whilst its parent, carer or guardian is not in attendance).

Authorised club instructors or event coaches can administer first aid, call emergency services, transport children to hospital, home, or to wherever necessary in the best interest of the child.

That applicants (seniors or juniors) agree to abide by the constitution and rules of the TKA.

That as a senior, parent, carer, or guardian you will work with the TKA in promoting and developing the child protection policy within relevant Governing Body guidelines.

That children may occasionally be included in club photos or video for the purpose of recording their's or others achievements within karate (awards, competitions, events etc).

That by its nature karate will necessitate a degree of limited controlled physical contact between all pupils and also instructors, for the purpose of demonstrating and executing specific techniques, in sparring, pair work, competition etc) furthermore as with any sport, a pupil may sustain accidental injuries of a varying nature whether caused by themselves or others failing to follow procedures or through genuine accidental excessive contact.

In all aspects of pupils training, a decision of the Executive Committee or an Instructor is final.

Parents, carers, guardians are wholly responsible for ensuring children's safety and welfare when travelling to and from clubs, right up to the point of commencement and immediately upon cessation, of every training session.

The TKA reserves the right, to request if it deems necessary, a Doctors verification that certain club members are able to continue training with medical conditions. If medical conditions affect your training you must immediately notify your instructor and seek medical advice.

Pupils must abide by these and all or any future amended terms, conditions, rules and Dojo etiquette all of which are available in gradings booklets, on the TKAwebsite or at our main office.

It is parents, carers, guardians or pupils (pupils over 18) responsibility to ensure licenses are renewed annually and on time. Parents, carers, guardians or pupils will indemnify the association, its servants agents or committee against any claims actions or demands for any uninsured loss damage or injury howsoever caused, any such uninsurance being caused as a result of failure to renew association licences on time annually, resulting in expiry of said licence and subsequent loss of insurance cover.